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Counterfeit/fake or genuine part

Posted by: jkaart on 09/26/2022

Hi all,

has Power Integrations ever used a painted dot to mark the first pin?

Is this LNK364PN IC genuine?


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Submitted by PI-Lupin the Third on 09/27/2022


Good day!

Yes, the marking is correct and the part is genuine. I hope this helps.

Best Regards,



Submitted by jkaart on 09/28/2022

When you have started to mark first pin painted dot instead of dimple mark?

I have an old broken part that is dated 1938 and it's marked by dimple style mark.


Submitted by PI-Lupin the Third on 09/28/2022


The pin 1 indicator is mold press dependent. The mold press of some of our manufacturing partners has a pin 1 indention while for this one it does not. This is not a significant change. This particular manufacturing company was added in 2017.