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DPA Switch input voltage

Posted by: nsrprasad on 10/17/2022

DPA series is specified for 75V DC input maximum. From the block diagram, only L pin seems to be influenced by this input.  Can we somehow manage the Lpin so that the input voltage range can be extended to 85V DC.  


Submitted by PI-Wrench on 10/18/2022

It would depend in part on what topology you choose. With a flyback, you may be able to choose a lower reflected voltage, which while increasing the peak primary current, and requiring a higher voltage output rectifier, also might make a higher Vin possible. With a forward topology, you will be bound by needing to reset the transformer core completely during the off time of the DPASwitch, which will limit your operating duty cycle. A larger duty cycle will require a higher off-time reset voltage, possibly exceeding the rating of the DPASwitch internal mosfet. You may also need to soft-clamp the L pin to allow higher operating voltage without tripping input OV shutdown.