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TNY28X Offline Flyback at 15W with all PTH?

Posted by: treez on 05/02/2022


Do you thinkTNY28X can be used for a 15W offline flyback with all PTH components?

Or will the lead inductances mean too much noise in the layout?

(It must be in PTH as its on a 4kW main board which bends due to big transformers and heatsinks, and so no SMD is allowed on this board)


Submitted by PI-TOMMY BRADFORD on 05/03/2022

Hello treez,

Thank you for using our device.

Theoretically it should work but we don't have any test that can confirm this and expect that it will introduce noise in the design because for example there are some components that must be placed as close as possible to the IC like the bypass capacitor (CBP) and loops in the layout that is noisy and needs to be small and tight like the primary snubber loop and the switching loop. Another thing is that your board will be quite larger than the normal board with SMD components which may be a problem if you have a size requirement for your project.

We highly suggest to use smd for the bypass capacitor (CBP) and primary snubber components.

Here is the link of the TinySwitch-4 datasheet and TinySwitch-4 application note for your additional reference in designing the TinySwitch-4 family.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and have a great day ahead.