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300W Offline SMPS but only 80W average

Posted by: treez on 02/27/2023


Our load can be 300W, but at most for 5 seconds. The Load duty cycle is 0.26, so the average power is only 80W

Vin = 100-265VAC, Vout = 37V

Do you believe the HyperPFS PFC followed by the HyperTFS 2 tran forward is the way to go?

We dont want to do the Duty cycle>0.5 thing, so can we avoid that high side power rail which allows >Vin across LPRI and hence D>0.5?

What about the bias flyback in the hiperTFS, does it cause noise issues at all? (having two smps controlled by the same controller, with the possible crowding of feedback signals and switching nodes.?