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Do any of the DER's for hiperPFS use sendust torroid inductors?

Posted by: treez on 02/27/2023


Please assist us in finding a DER report  of a HiperPFS Boost PFC that uses  sendust torroids (or other torroids)?
We only see ones using ferrite core half type, with the associated bobbin.

Why is this?

Can't HiperPFS manage the non linear inductance of a torroid inductor?


Submitted by PI-Wrench on 03/01/2023

In the past (at least 10 years ago) we did use sendust toroids with Hiper PFS, and the combination worked well. However, ferrite cores have lower loss than sendust, so the boost PFC can run more efficiently. We have also transitioned to using Litz wire rather than standard magnet wire in the PFC inductor design for even higher efficiency. I had to go back to 2011 to find a PFS reference board that used a sendust inductor...