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Hiper PFS range for small PFC 100-265VAC, 400W

Posted by: treez on 03/28/2023


I have offered to do a HiperPFS PFC for a company at 400W, 100-265VAC. (followed by an LLC) 37Vout.

Its for a consumer beauty  product

But they believe a totem pole PFC stage will be  a smaller and more efficient solution.

They want a really small solution as the customer may have to carry it on holiday etc.

Would you agree?


Submitted by treez on 03/29/2023

Thanks, regarding PFC at you believe that Totem pole PFC is more efficient then hiperPFS?.. or does the totem pole controller micro have a few watts of bias power, and so its not worth doing totem pole at 200-400W?

Submitted by PI-MrScott on 03/29/2023

A comparison between HiperPFS-5 with a totem pole solution at 200-400W can not be made.
HiperPFS-5 can only deliver 240W of continuous power which is essentially the minimum power you are referring to.
Power Integrations does not have a totem pole solution that can be compared with HiperPFS-4 at 240W either.
Thank you.