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Inno3Pro / I2C : Read back PI_COMMAND registers, Read back multiple telemetry registers

Posted by: marco123 on 02/23/2023


i have two questions regarding I2C communication with Inno3Pro.

1. ) Read back PI_COMMAND registers

It tried to readback PI_COMMAND registers (e.g. 0x10 - CV) without success so far.

Datasheet and innoswitch3-pro-mcu-library only cover readback of telemetry registers (READ10-READ15). There is no example with an I2C transmission diagram for reading back PI_COMMAND registers, although the registers are marked as W/R-Byte or W/R-Word respectively.

Is there a I2C transmission diagram for these, or is it not possible to read them back?

2.) Read back multiple telemetry registers

Reading back telemetry registers allows me to set a start and end register address in the write part of the transmission. How does the read part look like if start and end address differs. Do I just have to read back the number of registers times 2 bytes in one chunk with 2 bytes for each register?

Regards, Marco




Submitted by marco123 on 02/23/2023


@ 1.) Read back PI_COMMAND registers

just recognized that most (if not all) registers and flags are mirrored into the telemetry data area.

So this question also disolves in thin air.

Regards, Marco