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Inno3Pro : Missing documentation for PI_COMMAND LOOP_SPEED registers

Posted by: marco123 on 02/23/2023


I was not able to find any documentation in the Inno3Pro datasheet for following PI_COMMAND registers :

#define INNO3PRO_LOOP_SPEED_1           0x32
#define INNO3PRO_LOOP_SPEED_2           0x34

As there is no documentation in the datasheet, there are also some magic numbers in the library code, which are not clear to me :

#define INNO3PRO_LOOPSPEED1_DEFAULT                          0x281E
#define INNO3PRO_LOOPSPEED1_RECOMMENDED             0x140A
#define INNO3PRO_LOOPSPEED2_DEFAULT                          0x08C8
#define INNO3PRO_LOOPSPEED2_RECOMMENDED             0x0F84


I would be appreciated if someone can point me to more information about this two PI_COMMAND registers.


Regards, Marco


Submitted by marco123 on 02/23/2023


I have just found it in the datasheet under another name and outside the register main table :

Transient Response :

If faster transient response is required in the application the InnoSwitch3-Pro includes command registers to reduce the time for low to high output voltage transitions.

The command register addresses and recommended settings are shown in the table below: (see attachement)


Using values other than the default or recommended settings about could lead to oscillatory behavior.

This anwers my question.

Regards, Marco

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Submitted by PI-Lupin the Third on 02/24/2023

Hi Marco,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Please feel free to post your questions here if you have any.