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Taking feedback from DC side of Non-Isolated flyback converter in LNK626.

Posted by: Afaq Haider on 02/02/2023

I am using LNK626 as a flyback converter. The output is Non-Isolated 5V.

So can I use feedback from DC side instead of AC side of the output diode? I think I will get better regulation, because diode drop variation will be eliminated.


Submitted by PI-Dumbo on 02/09/2023

Hi Afaq Haider,

Can you send the schematic of your current design as well as the changes you intend to do?


Thank you!


Submitted by Afaq Haider on 02/15/2023

Please see the circuit.

Input is 48V DC. Input Output Ground is Common.

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LNK626 NonIsolated Flyback 99.9 KB
Submitted by PI-Dumbo on 02/17/2023

Hi Afaq Haider,


LinkSwitch-CV is for primary sensed feedback designs. You may refer to this design guide for more information: AN-45 - LinkSwitch-CV Design Guide | Power Integrations, Inc.

If you want to use feedback from the DC side, you can use other similar devices such as LinkSwitch-TN2 and TinySwitch.


Thank you.