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TN2 Series Flyback Circuit Examples

Posted by: SametDikmen on 03/28/2023


I can't get Flyback circuit samples for TN2 series via PI Expert. When will the version with circuit diagrams of this series come?



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Submitted by PI-Wrench on 03/28/2023

I'm not quite sure it's precisely what you  need, but the RDR-623 engineering report details a non-isolated flyback design utilizing the LinkSwitch TN-2.  If you click on the Link TN-2 in the product lineup, it's one of the reference design reports listed following the product description. .  

Submitted by SametDikmen on 03/28/2023

There are no sample circuits for LNK3294 and LNK3296.

Submitted by PI-Wrench on 03/28/2023

OK, so you are specifically looking for example circuits for a couple of the parts with 900V drain rating. What is the intended output power level and end application?

Submitted by SametDikmen on 03/28/2023

Yes, I am looking for a circuit example for 12V approximately 8-10W output power. The field of application will be industrial use.

Submitted by PI-Wrench on 03/29/2023

Two questions, if you please - will the application be isolated or non-isolated?  Also, what is the intended input voltage range?

Submitted by SametDikmen on 03/29/2023

Yes, it will be isolated, Universal input voltage will be provided.

Submitted by PI-Wrench on 03/30/2023

To be able to help you, I will need the actual voltage numbers, minimum and maximum, as well as line frequency.

Submitted by PI-Wrench on 03/30/2023

I don't understand precisely what you mean by "universal" input in an industrial context, since that generally implies a higher maximum input voltage range. The isolated output requirement precludes the use of a Linkswitch TN2. However, the InnoSwitch INN3692C-H606 should be perfectly suitable for your output power range and isolated output requirement. It has a power switch with 900V capability.