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Car Alternator Problem

Posted by: Aubreyhu on 05/12/2022

Hi, I have a question

Concerns about power I have a 1976 Volkswagen Beetle that is fuel injected. My problem is that it will only start if you jump start it; it has a fresh battery. I'm not sure if the negative battery connection leading to the body is faulty or if the alternator is faulty.

Thank you very much.

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Submitted by PI-Logan on 05/17/2022

Hi Aubreyhu,

Unfortunately, we are not experts here on car/automotive problems. We can more effectively answer questions/queries concerning Power Integration products.

Still, I will try to give an answer to your question. Based on the link that you've provided, Sections 2.1 to 2.3 characterizes a bad battery, starter, and alternator. If indeed your alternator is faulty, then you should be experiencing the symptoms stated in Section 2.3. This may also result in a damaged battery. If not, then it may be that your starter is faulty.