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2SC0535T negative Voltage for SiC MOS modules

Posted by: Didi on 03/22/2023

As this is a more detailed technical question, I did not want to bother the sales team with this:

I am interested in using the mentioned GDU for an application with a 3,3 kV-SiC MOSFET. In the brochure, the GDU is labelled as SiC MOSFET ready. My question is:

can the negative gate-source-voltage easily be changed to -5V instead of -10V ? Otherwise, it cannot be used in combination with the SiC Module that I intend to use.


Submitted by PI-IWH on 03/26/2023

Dear Didi

thanks for approaching us.

to answer to question , i would like to suggest you following steps

1, please check (AN-1601: Controlling SiC MOSFET Power Switches with SCALE-2 and SCALE-2+ Gate Drivers Cores and SCALE-iDriver Gate Driver ICs | Power Integrations, Inc.) which could help you to make your design by the Core

2, if the step 1 cannot solve your problem, please send email to ( , by which we could 

  • provide dedicated product for you , if IGBT package fits our product.
  • provide dedicated support per your location.

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