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2SP0115T2A0-12, time to clear UV fault.

Posted by: Tony on 04/07/2023

The 15V supply takes a little longer to stabilize after power up so our monitoring system is picking up nuisance faults from the drivers. We can program a delay before we read the fault signals but the datasheet is not clear whether there is a default time delay after the supply voltage goes above the threshold to clear the fault. We can see in the scope that the drives clear the fault after a delay that we can measure (about 100ms) but we would like another reference before we set the delay time to read the faults.

The datasheet mentions a 90ms default blocking time after a short-circuit fault clears. We are not sure if that is the same to clear a UV fault.


Submitted by PI-IWH on 04/13/2023

Hi Tony

the TB time will only apply for secondary side failure , which is 90ms in your case.

however, in the condition that you described could be that the UVLO of primary side and secondary side happens at the same time.  

this means, the too low 15V voltage could lead to secondary side UVLO, which will trigger 90ms TB time, but you do not realize it, since normally we only checking 15V.

in your case, please relay on your measurements, if you can repeat the result. 

if you think the 90ms is too long, please consider adjust it by external resistor, available range is 20ms to 90ms. 


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