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LYT1604 - Can we ON/OFF externally

Posted by: stalindm on 06/09/2022


    We use LYT1604 non isolated driver for our 22watt LED driver applications. We want to Turn OFF and TURN ON the driver externally using a LDR light sensor circuit (DUSK - DAWN Operation). Can you suggest a pin of 1604 to implement turn OFF/ON or any suitable method to implement  the same.


Stalin DM


Submitted by PI-TOMMY BRADFORD on 06/12/2022

Hello Stalin DM,

We appreciate that you're using our device.

In order to control the device externally, we suggest to implement a circuit to lower the current to the BP pin of the device. Based on the LYTSwitch-1 datasheet page 7, the bypass pin (BP) has a standby current (ISBY) of 180 µA where the MOSFET is not switching meaning the device is off. Then for the device to operate, the bypass pin supply current (IDSS) must maintain a typical value of 680 µA, 785 µA or 850 µA depending on the size of the device (850 µA for 1604).

We hope that this suggestion helps your inquiry.

Stay safe and have a great day.

Submitted by stalindm on 06/13/2022

Thank you very much.