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LYT5226D output LED current adjustment via potentiometer

Posted by: A. Lehmann on 02/24/2023


I have a question regarding the aforementioned LED Driver. I am currently designing a circuit to drive LEDs, with 230VAC input, and 32V/280mA output for the LEDs. In order to better understand the function of the driver, I took a look at the DER-515 demo board for it. My question is this: in the circuit we currently use with a different driver that is EOL, we use a potentiometer to adjust the output, in order to compensate for the fact that our LEDs also have electrical tolerances. Based on the (attached) schematic of the DER-515, which resistor would I have to replace with a potentiometer to achieve the desired adjustability? My supplier said it should be R7, the DS pin resistor, however he was not sure and suggested I ask here.

I have also attached the full description of the DER-515 in case it helps.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.


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DER-515 Schematic.pdf 124.24 KB
PI DER 515 LYT 5226D.pdf 11.62 MB