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  • Old refrigerators consume a lot more electricity than the highly efficient models available today. Do a quick calculation, and you would find that you would have been better off buying a second energy-saving fridge to keep than running that old energy gobbler in your garage.

  • From its humble beginnings as a communication protocol connecting peripherals to PCs, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) has grown to become the dominant power delivery standard for consumer electronics and mobile devices. With the expansion of output power supported by USB Type-C and favorable regulations in the works, it looks like the dominance will continue for years to come.

  • The use of 800 V is a big deal because it’s twice as much as today’s 400 V drive trains. Twice the voltage can cut charging times in half. Twice the voltage also cuts current in half at a given power level, reducing the size and weight of the cabling, making for lighter-weight EVs.

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