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PowiGaN Technology

PowiGaN is Power Integrations’ internally developed gallium nitride (GaN) technology. PowiGaN switches replace the traditional silicon transistors on the primary side of PI’s highly integrated offline flyback switcher ICs, reducing switching losses and enabling chargers, adapters and open frame power supplies that are more efficient, smaller and lighter than silicon alternatives.

Power Integrations continues to lead the advancement of GaN technology, expanding the switching voltage and elevating GaN as a mature, dependable semiconductor technology for even the most demanding applications.

Pioneering High-Voltage GaN Power Devices for a Wide Range of Applications

InnoSwitch3-EP for Appliances and Industrial Use

  • 750 V, 900 V or 1250 V PowiGaN switch
  • The world’s highest-voltage single-switch GaN power supply ICs extend the efficiency benefits of GaN to many applications currently served by silicon-carbide (SiC) technology.

InnoSwitch3-AQ - AEC-Q100 Qualified for Automotive Use

  • 750 V or 900 V PowiGaN switch
  • The first automotive-qualified 900 V GaN power devices offer the perfect solution for replacing 12 V lead-acid batteries in 400 BEV systems.

InnoMux2-EP for Multi-Output Flyback Power Supplies

  • 750 V PowiGaN switch
  • The first single-stage flyback solution for multiple independently regulated outputs eliminates the need for post-regulators and achieves Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) without active clamping.

HiperPFS-5 Power Factor Correction ICs

  • 750 V PowiGaN switch
  • The first PFC controller IC utilizing GaN technology achieves a 0.98 power factor and eliminates the need for bulky heatsinks at the PFC stage. It supports up to 250 W output and can be stacked in parallel for up to 500 W.

Highest Level of Integration in USB PD and Fast-Charging

  • InnoSwitch5-Pro - 900 V PowiGaN, ZVS without active clamping, supporting 28 V USB PD Extended Power Range
  • InnoSwitch4-Pro - 750 V PowiGaN, ZVS with ClampZero, digitally controllable via I²C interface
  • InnoSwitch4-CZ - 750 V PowiGaN, ZVS with ClampZero for maximum efficiency
  • InnoSwitch3-PD - 750 V PowiGaN, built-in USB-C and USB PD controller
  • InnoSwitch3-Pro - 750 V PowiGaN, digitally controllable via I²C Interface

And More...

  • InnoSwitch3-CP - 750 V PowiGaN for constant power charging
  • LYTSwitch-6 - 750 V PowiGaN for LED lighting and ballast
  • MinE-CAP for reducing capacitor size in chargers, paired with InnoSwitch ICs

Standard-Setting Quality and Reliability

GaN devices for power conversion first became commercially available in volume in the fall of 2018, when Power Integrations began shipping PowiGaN-based products. Since then, the PowiGaN switch has accumulated over a trillion hours of operation with extremely low failure rates.

As the industry begins to establish standardized reliability assessments for GaN devices, Power Integrations remains steadfast in our mission: to not only meet industry standards but to lead the way in defining reliability for this exciting new technology.

Reliability has been at the forefront of our GaN development, as all PowiGaN products go through rigorous testing, surpassing both traditional and GaN-specific benchmarks. PI Vice President of Marketing and Applications Engineering Doug Bailey breaks down the quality, robustness and reliability of PowiGaN in this video.

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