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Ultra-Fast Silicon Diode

  • VRRM     - 600 V
  • IF(AVG)   - 3 A - 12 A
  • QRR       - 5.9 nC - 8.9 nC


Product Details

Qspeed diodes have the lowest QRR of any Silicon diode. Their recovery characteristics increase efficiency, reduce EMI and eliminate snubbers.

Product Highlights


  • Now available in TO-263 (D2PAK) package
  • Low QRR, Low IRRM, Low tRR
  • High dIF/dt capable (1000A/µs)
  • Soft recovery


  • Increases efficiency
    • Eliminates need for snubber circuits
    • Reduces EMI filter component size & count
  • Enables extremely fast switching


  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) Boost Diode
  • Motor drive circuits
  • DC-AC Inverters


Related Information

Simulate Qspeed diodes on PowerEsim

Power Integrations has partnered with PowerEsim to bring you a fast and accurate way to simulate the superior performance of Qspeed products. Follow the link by clicking on the PowerEsim logo below.



Current - Forward (avg) 3.00 A
Voltage - Forward (typ) 2.10 V
Voltage - Reverse Recovery (Max) 600.00V
IC Package TO-263AB
Mounting Type Through Hole
Temperature - Operating (Min) -55 °C
Temperature - Operating (Max) 150 °C
Topology Boost PFC
Product Sub-Type Diode