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Flyback or LLC? Choose the Right Topology for High Efficiency Power Supplies 100 W - 250 W

When designing a high-efficiency power supply with output power between 100 W and 250 W, should you go with the active clamp flyback (ACF) topology or the LLC half-bridge resonant circuit? Senior Product Marketing Engineer Zeeshan Kabeer breaks it down.

  • InnoSwitch4-CZ - Offline ZVS flyback switcher IC with 750 V PowiGaN switch, active clamp drive, synchronous rectification and FluxLink feedback, pairs with ClampZero active clamp IC
  • HiperLCS-2 - Offline LLC switcher IC chipset with 600 V FREDFET, synchronous rectification and FluxLink feedback
  • HiperPFS-5 - Advanced power factor correction (PFC) controller IC with 750 V PowiGaN switch, optimized for high power factor and high efficiency across the load range


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