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Transformer-isolated converter


Non-isolated converter for voltage step down (buck), step up (boost) or the combination of both (buck-boost)


Boost converter with power factor correction

LLC Half Bridge

LLC resonant converter with a half-bridge configuration

2-Switch Forward

Forward converter with an additional high-side MOSFET switch


X capacitor discharge ICs No-load leakage current reduction ICs Low QRR diodes Charger Protocol ICs

Primary Side Regulated

Primary side regulation for design simplicity and efficiency

Secondary Side - Opto Regulated

Secondary side regulation for output accuracy and fast transient response

Secondary Side - FluxLink Regulated

Revolutionary technology incorporating primary and secondary-side controllers in a single IC

Tapped Buck

Inductor-tapped buck converter for large voltage conversion ratios

Non-Isolated Flyback

Non-isolated flyback solution for high performance