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AOD2544 alternative

Posted by: IKastantin on 05/10/2022

I designed 50W power supplu with PI suite. I used AOD2544 (Alpha & Omega) as SF with INN3679-H606. I need an alternative FET.

the design parameters: Universal input (85-265VAC), 24V/2.1A output.


Imad Kastantin


Submitted by PI-Yoda on 05/13/2022

Hi Imad,

When double-klick on the part you will get to the database where you can choose another FET to replace the existing one.

If the there is no part you like in the DB you can enter your own 'custom' component in the DB base on datasheet parameters and then use it to recalculate the design performance.


Best Regards,

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